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Focuses on Health and Wellness Learning for All Store Personnel

The subject matter is focused on awareness-training for the most recent trends in consumer sexual health and wellness issues.

Sexual Health and Wellness Topics under development for e-learning

  • Prostate Health
  • Intimate exercise and self-care
  • Kegel Training Pelvic Floor/Kegel Muscle Strengthening
  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Understand the Terms LGBTQIA+
  • What is Sexual Orientation Myths and Facts
  • Reducing discomfort during intercourse & how to maintain elasticity & pliability with dilators
  • Erectile Dysfunction Solutions  Strengthening and Extending Erections
  • Male and Female Intimate Wellness
  • Anatomy of an Orgasm both Male and Female Muitple Orgasms What is the Sexual Response Cycle?
  • Enhancing Libido with Supplement Use Stimulating Vaginal Gels and Creams to increase Arousal
  • Sex Toy Maintenance & Hygiene Enema & Douche
  • Sexual Hygiene Health and Wellness Enemas and Douches
  • Benefits of Organic Massage and Sexuality
  • The use of Topical CBD as a Wellness Product
  • Painful Sex + Solutions
  • Difficulty Experiencing Orgasms & What To Do
  • Benefits of Masturbation and Orgasms
  • Difference between Cosmetic Lubricants and FDA Accepted Medical Device Lubricants
  • Lube 101  Why Parabens in Your Lube are Bad for You Organic Vs. Non-Organic Lubes and why the Market is Changing
  • Intimate pH Levels and Lubrication causes for dryness and recommendations
  • Lubrication, FDA formulas, and Customer Recommendations
  • Introducing Anal Sex to your Partner
  • Vagina: Fact or Fiction  Penis: Fact or Fiction
  • Anatomy, including all the “Spots” – P-spot, G-spot, A-spot, O-spot with anatomy
  • Self Esteem and the Use of Intimate Wear
  • Styles of Sex Toys Sex Toys 101  Solo vs. Couples Toys category reviews
  • Ways to Increase Libidos/Desire
  • Sexuality and Self-Esteem
  • Removing Judgments when discussing Sexual Topics with Customer How to Connect with Shoppers about Intimate Topics
  • Cancer Treatments and Their Effects on Personal Dryness
  • Barrier Methods for STI Prevention, Condoms, and Prevention
  • Understanding Transgender needs Understanding Sexual orientation and transgender microaggressions 
  • Understanding Needs and Available Products for Gay Men Addressing Gay Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness
  • Sex and Aging
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life: Effective Communication with Your Partner about Sex
  • Sex Toy Options for Long Distance Relationships